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  • Tesla enhances Optimus 2

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  • Stability AI introduces a new image-to-3D model

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Major AI News this Week

Tesla enhances Optimus 2

Image Source: Tesla

Tesla has unveiled a dramatically improved version of its humanoid robot, Optimus Gen-2.

This prototype sheds over 20 pounds, enhancing mobility, and increases walking pace by 30% with new feet and smoother movement.

Finger sensors enable delicate object manipulation, demonstrated by handling an egg. Upgrades like a more flexible neck, integrated electronics, and quicker hands with tactile feedback aim to replicate human abilities.

The robot exhibits super smooth dance movements in real-time footage. This progress brings humanoid robots closer to the hyper-capable vision seen in movies.

Sam Altman provides insights into OpenAI's recent upheaval

Image source: TIME

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, named TIME's CEO of the Year, discussed various topics in a candid interview. Reflecting on recent boardroom drama, Altman highlighted the need for governance that aligns with OpenAI's mission amid advancing AI capabilities.

He anticipates AGI to be a transformative technology with global implications for democratizing access to information.

Altman also emphasized concerns about AI-driven personal disinformation, particularly in the context of the upcoming 2024 elections.

Despite challenges, Altman remains optimistic that AGI and accelerated AI advancements will bring positive change to the world.

Stability AI introduces a new image-to-3D model

Image Source: Stability AI

Stability AI has launched an upgraded image-to-3D model, Stable Zero123, capable of generating a 3D object from a single image input.

It delivers higher-quality results by leveraging cleaner Objaverse dataset renders and incorporating camera elevation data. Alongside this release, Stability AI introduced a new tiered membership structure, featuring a free/research tier, a $20/mo professional tier, and custom enterprise pricing.

This move enhances competition in the image-to-3D AI sector, showcasing the company's commitment to advancing in this space. The rapid pace of development suggests the potential for text-to-video game creation in the near future.

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儭 New AI Tools

Audio Notes AI - Employ AI to organize disordered thoughts into structured notes.

PriceGPT - Conduct AI analysis to audit pricing pages effectively.

MindOne 0.6 - Enhance user interfaces with a sophisticated AI-powered approach.

Buenoverse - Collaboratively create and explore 2D worlds using Buenoverse.

TweetHunter - Access an all-in-one Twitter growth tool leveraging AI to create content, build an audience, and schedule posts.

Ask Viable - Utilize AI to instantly transform feedback into various product documents such as PRDs and FAQs.

Outfit Anyone - Experience virtual clothes try-on powered by AI

Unwrapped AI - Receive a Spotify-like recap of your 2023 GitHub activity using Unwrapped AI.

Scade.pro - Explore over 1500 AI tools without coding through the Scade.pro platform.

MessengerX.io - Monetize with GPTs for uncensored information and entertainment on MessengerX.io.

Quick Bites

Channel 1 unveils a viral demo of an AI news broadcast

Channel 1's AI-powered personalized newscast is gaining popularity. The 22-minute demo features highly realistic AI anchors delivering the news through a combination of human editing and trusted reporting sources. The startup aims to launch in 2024, producing between 500 and 1000 segments daily.

Alibaba unveils a novel image-to-video model

Alibaba Group has launched i2VGen-XL, a new image-to-video model that can generate high-definition outputs. This release adds another player to the rapidly expanding AI video generation sector, showcasing the accelerating capabilities in this field.

Anthropic integrates Claude into spreadsheets

Anthropic has introduced an extension that makes its Claude LLM accessible within Google Sheets, offering API access as well. This feature enables users to leverage Claude's writing skills by incorporating prompts directly into their spreadsheet workflow. Access to this new feature is available through Anthropic's guide.

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