GPT-5 is Coming, Might be AGI ...

PLUS: Forward Health Introduces AI-Enhanced Medical Pods

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Major AI News this Week

GPT-5 is Coming, Might be AGI ...

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, has confirmed that the company is actively developing GPT-5 and anticipates securing additional funding from Microsoft to further their mission of achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

The ongoing work involves the creation of advanced autonomous software agents and GPT-5, necessitating substantial data and computational resources.

OpenAI faces significant costs associated with training increasingly intricate AI models and is exploring opportunities to collaborate with Microsoft and acquire more data, both from public and private sources, to enhance their model.

These developments signal an exciting and dynamic future in the field of AI.

Airbnb's $200 Million Acquisition of AI Startup

Image source: Reuters

Airbnb has made its first post-IPO acquisition by purchasing Gameplanner AI, a mysterious AI startup that has operated in stealth mode since 2020, keeping its core activities shrouded in secrecy.

While the exact nature of Gameplanner AI's work remains undisclosed, it is noteworthy that the company's co-founder, Adam Cheyer, was involved in the development of Siri, the voice-activated digital assistant later acquired by Apple.

This acquisition, valued at just under $200 million, signals Airbnb's commitment to advancing its AI initiatives and moving closer to its founder Brian Chesky's vision of integrating AI to enhance the travel experience and offer personalized services.

Forward Health Introduces AI-Enhanced Medical Pods

Image Source: Forward Health

Healthcare startup Forward Health has successfully raised $100 million in funding and introduced a novel healthcare solution called CarePods. These standalone stations offer a range of medical tests and diagnoses with the assistance of AI, eliminating the need for onsite doctors.

CarePods enable users to undergo various medical assessments, including full-body scans, heart health evaluations, thyroid testing, blood pressure monitoring, weight management assessments, kidney and liver health evaluations, and more.

The system incorporates AI to review patient results, and remote doctors are available to prescribe further treatment if necessary. Forward Health could offer a subscription plan for $99 per month, granting access to all CarePod apps, tests, and doctor support.

This innovative approach to healthcare aims to address the evolving needs of primary care and provides a comprehensive, AI-powered solution. However, challenges such as insurance coverage and public trust in AI may pose obstacles to widespread adoption.

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儭 New AI Tools

Lebesgue - Utilizing web scraping to gather global marketing data for enhanced marketing strategies.

Klu - Simplifying Gmail account management with a unified search bar.

Planfit - Offering personalized workout coaching through machine learning and ChatGPT.

Uizard - Enabling rapid and effortless wireframe, prototype, and mockup design.

Vondy - A productivity-focused search engine application to streamline your workflow.

ChefGPT - Your AI digital chef and kitchen companion.

Edily - Revolutionizing learning with a TikTok-meets-Khan Academy approach.

VentureInsights - Harnessing intelligent data for data-driven decision-making in the world of investments.

Humata - Instantly chat with and ask questions about any file using AI.

Rytr - Your AI writing assistant, crafting high-quality content in seconds.

Quick Bites

AI Robot Scientist Generates Oxygen on Mars

Chinese researchers have developed an AI robot capable of extracting oxygen from Martian water. This robot employs an innovative catalyst created by analyzing meteorites, enabling it to unlock oxygen from H2O without the need for imports from Earth. This achievement hints at a future where AI plays a crucial role in harnessing resources throughout the solar system.

OpenAI Temporarily Halts Premium Signups Amid High Demand

OpenAI has temporarily suspended new signups for ChatGPT Plus due to overwhelming demand following Dev Day. The platform faced challenges including outages and attacks during this surge in interest, prompting OpenAI to pause new registrations and concentrate on stabilizing the service.

Notion Employs AI to Locate Your Notes

Notion has introduced Q&A, a new AI assistant designed to assist users in organizing their digital lives more effectively. Q&A can respond to user queries and provide source citations, serving as a comprehensive information resource across users' documents. This feature is available to all Notion users as a paid add-on, priced at $8 per month.

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