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PLUS: Google May Cut 30,000 Jobs in AI-Driven Restructuring

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  • Google May Cut 30,000 Jobs in AI-Driven Restructuring

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Major AI News this Week

OpenAI to Launch GPT Store for Custom Creations

Image Source: Magic Media (Canva)

OpenAI is set to launch its GPT Store, allowing users to share, discover, and profit from custom GPT creations.

Initially planned for November, it was postponed due to leadership changes.

OpenAI hints at a revenue-sharing model for creators. A leaderboard will showcase top GPTs, and OpenAI will spotlight the most useful creations. Users can keep their GPTs private if desired.

This GPT Store could mark a significant moment, akin to an App Store, for AI creators, providing a new distribution platform and fostering AI development on OpenAI's platform.

Top AI/ML Researchers Earn Nearly $1 Million Annually

Image Source: Rora

Top AI/ML researchers are earning astonishing compensation, with some raking in nearly $1 million per year in salary, bonus, and equity, according to a recent report.

OpenAI leads the list with $865k annually. Other companies on the list include Anthropic, Inflection, Tesla, Amazon, Google Brain (now merged with DeepMind), TikTok, and FAIR.

Signing and other cash bonuses can further boost these figures. This reflects the intense competition for AI talent as the demand for AI researchers continues to grow.

OpenAI's efforts, including offering $10M packages to lure Google workers, underscore the lucrative opportunities in this field.

Google May Cut 30,000 Jobs in AI-Driven Restructuring

Image Source: The Information

Google is reportedly considering significant layoffs that could affect up to 30,000 employees as part of a restructuring effort aimed at integrating AI tools and processes across the company.

This move follows an announcement of restructuring in the ad sales department in December.

These potential layoffs would come on top of the 12,000 job cuts made earlier in the year, which Google's CEO Sundar Pichai stated were necessary for adapting to emerging areas and increasing investment capacity. The broader adoption of AI is expected to transform various functions within the company, with automation reducing the need for certain human roles.

This development highlights the transformative impact of AI on the workforce, with further restructuring anticipated in 2024.

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儭 New AI Tools

GetFloorPlan - Property Presentation with AI-Powered Virtual Tours

Quizgecko - The Ultimate Quiz Generation Tool for Educators and Content

Microsoft Designer - Generate amazing Designs Effortlessly

DocXter - An Interactive Document Intelligence Platform

Roamaround - AI-powered Travel Companion

Quillbot Paraphraser - Your AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tool

Synthesia - Effortlessly Generate AI-Powered Videos from Text

Copilot - Elevating Coding Efficiency with Github AI

Compose - Elevate Your Writing with AI-Powered Assistance

Cleanup Pictures - AI-Powered Image Editing Tool

Quick Bites

OpenAI Proposes Licensing Fees for News Publishers

OpenAI is allegedly proposing annual licensing fees ranging from $1 million to $5 million to news publishers for the use of copyrighted articles in training models such as ChatGPT. This indicates a growing willingness to compensate content creators as AI models rely heavily on copyrighted material for training.

Midjourney Expands to 3D and Video Generation

Midjourney is apparently commencing training on video models this month, with the aim of expanding its current text-to-image generation platform to incorporate 3D and video generation capabilities. This signifies a significant expansion of its AI capabilities, potentially enabling the creation of more diverse visual content.

Camera Giants Tackle AI-Generated Fake Images

Nikon, Sony, and Canon are countering AI-generated fake images by creating authentication tech that embeds tamper-resistant digital signatures in image metadata, preserving image authenticity.

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