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  • OpenAI's GPT Store: Discover and Profit from Custom AI Assistants

  • 1X Technologies Raises $100M for Consumer Robots

  • Volkswagen to Bring ChatGPT into Cars via IDA Voice Assistant

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Major AI News this Week

OpenAI's GPT Store: Discover and Profit from Custom AI Assistants

Image Source: OpenAI

OpenAI has launched the GPT Store, featuring over 3 million GPTs from the community, categorized with a trending leaderboard and curated picks.

A revenue program for U.S. creators will launch in Q1, rewarding based on user engagement.

They also introduced the ChatGPT Team Plan, priced at $25/month/user (annual) or $30/month (monthly), offering shared workspace and user management tools.

Personalization and long-term memory for ChatGPT are rolling out, enhancing its adaptability and user-specific assistance.

This store promotes community-built bots, and personalization features improve user experiences.

1X Technologies Raises $100M for Consumer Robots

Image Source: 1X

Norwegian AI robotics startup 1X Technologies has secured $100 million in funding, following a previous $23.5 million Series A round.

Their android, EVE, is already deployed in factories and as a security patrol. The newer NEO model is designed for household chores and is expected to be available for home use soon.

This signals the growing presence of humanoid robots, potentially reshaping homes and workplaces.

Volkswagen to Bring ChatGPT into Cars via IDA Voice Assistant

Image Source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is partnering with Cerence to integrate ChatGPT into its car models through the IDA voice assistant.

This integration will allow drivers to access information and entertainment hands-free.

The rollout will begin in Q2 this year in Europe for VW's EV models, with potential consideration for the U.S. market.

This reflects automakers' efforts to incorporate AI advancements into their vehicles.

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儭 New AI Tools

Humata AI - Your AI-Powered File Management Chatbot

Upword - Elevate Your Research Workflow with Upword

Where To - Discover Exciting Destinations with Our Interactive Website

Piggy Magic - AI-Powered Social Story Maker and Quiz Creator

Fliki - Generate videos from blog posts in just 2 minutes

Monica - AI-Powered Assistant for copywriting and Chatting

Codeium - AI-powered coding tool for enhanced, efficient coding

Riffusion - Generate music through text, incorporating styles, instruments, adjustments, and genres

Quillbot Paraphraser - Your AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tool

Taskade - Collaborate Effectively with Unified AI Planning

Quick Bites

Rabbit's R1 Pocket AI Sells Out at CES, Second Run Preorders Open

Rabbit achieved significant success by selling out the first 10,000 units of its pocket AI assistant device, R1, in just one day after its debut at CES 2024. Due to this high demand, preorders for a second production run have been opened, and these units are expected to ship in April-May.

潘 Midjourney Eyes 3D 'Orb' for Personal Computing

Midjourney has unveiled its intentions to explore the personal computing sector by developing an "orb" device designed for navigating 3D virtual spaces. The company has already assembled a hardware team actively engaged in gathering 3D data, signaling its commitment to this new venture.

儭 Walmart Debuts AI-Enhanced Shopping Experience with Microsoft

Walmart, in collaboration with Microsoft, introduced an AI-powered shopping experience at CES. This innovation incorporates generative search, automated replenishment, and custom AI models to address various customer needs and enhance the shopping experience.

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