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  • Sam Altman Makes a Comeback as OpenAI's CEO

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Major AI News this Week

Sam Altman Makes a Comeback as OpenAI's CEO

Image source: The Verge

In a whirlwind of events, the OpenAI saga concluded with Sam Altman returning as CEO.

Initially, Emmett Shear threatened to resign if the board couldn't explain Altman's removal.

OpenAI managed to launch voice capabilities for ChatGPT but encountered an outage.

There were rumors about board member Helen Toner's role. Ultimately, Altman returned as CEO, and a new board was introduced.

These events will be remembered as a pivotal moment in AI history, showcasing OpenAI's resilience and determination.

Amazon Offers Free AI Skills Training with 'AI Ready'

Image source: Amazon

Amazon has unveiled its "AI Ready" initiative, pledging to offer free artificial intelligence (AI) skills training to two million individuals worldwide by 2025.

This initiative comprises eight new free online AI courses designed to cater to both business and technical audiences and aligned with in-demand job roles.

Additionally, Amazon has allocated $12 million for a scholarship program in partnership with Udacity, which will grant access to a generative AI course for 50,000 students.

A recent study conducted by AWS revealed significant employer demand for AI skills, along with AI-related salaries that can be up to 47% higher.

By fostering AI skills development through free courses, scholarships, and more, Amazon aims to make AI resources accessible to a broader range of individuals, contributing to the widespread adoption of AI technologies.

xAI Prepares to Unveil Grok, a ChatGPT Competitor, Next Week

Image Source: xAI

Elon Musk's new venture, xAI, is gearing up to introduce Grok, a direct competitor to ChatGPT, to its X Premium+ subscribers. Grok will be seamlessly integrated into X (formerly known as Twitter) and will have its dedicated tab within the platform.

What sets Grok apart from ChatGPT are its unique features, including a distinctive personality and real-time access to X's knowledge base.

To access Grok, users will need to subscribe to the new X Premium+ tier, which comes at a higher monthly cost of $16, above the standard $8/month subscription.

Users will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on Grok's responses, aiding in its ongoing training and improvement.

Given X's role as a platform for real-time news and information, there will be considerable interest in how xAI manages the content that Grok processes.

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儭 New AI Tools

UI Sketcher - Draw rough UIs and transform them into code within VSCode.

ShipGPT AI - Create and deploy AI solutions quickly.

LLM Spark - A development platform for building production-ready LLM applications.

KWHero - Develop SEO content scientifically for optimal Google rankings. - Access personalized, one-click AI tools on any webpage.

Dubecos - An easy and fast AI dubbing application for your videos.

TypeDream - Craft an AI-powered website instantly.

Mojju - Discover unique and powerful GPTs developed by Mojju.

HearTheWeb - Convert your newsletter into an engaging podcast

Tuna - Quickly generate artificial fine-tuning datasets.

Quick Bites

Neuralink's PRIME Study: A Potential Breakthrough for Quadriplegic Patients

Neuralink is launching the PRIME Study, recruiting quadriplegic patients to test its brain-computer interface with the N1 implant and R1 surgical robot. The aim is to enable device control through thoughts.

儭 SDSU Researchers Harness AI to Predict Stock Trends

SDSU researchers unveiled ALERTA-net, an AI model combining macroeconomics, social media, and search engine data to predict stock trends with impressive accuracy. This highlights AI's potential to analyze complex relationships in data.

Microsoft Takes Measures Against AI-Generated Disney Posters Trend

In response to the trend of Disney-style movie posters created by AI generators, Microsoft blocked the term "Disney" on Bing's image generator. This move sparks questions about copyright, training, and Disney's relationship with AI given past controversies.

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