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Major AI News this Week

Bill Gates provides insights into his AI forecasts for 2024

Image Source: Gates Notes

Bill Gates shared an optimistic vision for the growing impact of AI in 2024, outlining predictions in a recent blog.

Gates anticipates significant mainstream adoption of AI in advanced economies like the U.S. within the next 18-24 months.

He highlighted AI's role in ambitious medical projects addressing issues like antibiotic resistance and high-risk pregnancies.

Gates sees AI transforming education through personalized tutoring, with innovations like localized chatbots catering to specific student needs.

Contrary to job replacement concerns, Gates envisions AI broadly augmenting roles and enhancing productivity.

This perspective contrasts with his previous reservations about certain aspects of AI, indicating a more optimistic outlook for the technology.

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Apple scientists delve into AI integrations for iPhones

Image Source: Canva - Magic Media

New Apple research showcases transformative AI techniques for iPhones, potentially bringing powerful capabilities to mobile devices.

One paper focuses on efficiently generating animated human avatars from iPhone videos, significantly improving photorealism and speed.

Another paper details the optimization of large language models (LLMs) through flash storage, allowing complex applications like chatbots to run on mobile devices. Despite past reservations about publicly embracing AI, Apple has increased AI hiring, hinting at significant plans for integrating the technology into wearables for health tracking. This research suggests Apple is gearing up to play a more influential role in the AI landscape.

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Quick Bites

儭 Airbnb employs AI to forecast and avert New Year's Eve disturbances

Airbnb is using an AI system to detect and prevent high-risk New Year's Eve bookings that may lead to parties. The system analyzes various factors such as trip duration and last-minute reservations to identify and block bookings that could result in disruptive events during the holiday season.

ChatGPT feature for storing chat conversations

OpenAI has introduced an archiving option in ChatGPT, allowing users to organize their previous chats without deleting them. Archived conversations can now be accessed in the Settings tab, reducing sidebar clutter. This feature is currently available on the Web and iOS, with Android support coming soon.

TomTom collaborates with Microsoft to develop a conversational car bot

TomTom and Microsoft are collaborating to introduce an AI-powered voice assistant for vehicles. This voice assistant, powered by Azure OpenAI, aims to facilitate natural dialogue with infotainment systems, providing a glimpse into the potential future of next-gen in-car experiences.

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