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Major AI News this Week

Google DeepMind unveils Gemini

Image Source: Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind has unveiled Google Gemini, a multimodal AI offered in three versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, catering to various tasks.

Gemini Ultra outperforms human experts in 30 of 32 benchmarks, achieving a 90% score on the MMLU benchmark, making it the first AI model to do so.

It possesses advanced capabilities like reasoning, multimodality, and advanced coding. Google also introduced Cloud TPU v5p, its most powerful TPU system, to support Gemini.

Gemini Pro is now integrated into Google products through Bard, available worldwide in English.

Gemini Ultra will be released early next year, while Gemini Nano will be available directly on Pixel 8 devices.

This marks Google's significant entry into the AI space, providing enhanced flexibility and capabilities.

OpenAI's $51 million chip agreement with a startup backed by Altman

Image source: Rain NeuroMorphics

In 2019, OpenAI reportedly agreed to purchase $51 million worth of AI chips from Rain NeuroMorphics, a startup developing highly efficient neuromorphic processing units (NPUs) for edge devices. This predated OpenAI's adoption of Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.

Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEO, had reportedly personally invested over $1 million in Rain NeuroMorphics. Recently, Rain NeuroMorphics faced scrutiny when the U.S. government compelled Prosperity7, a Saudi venture capital firm, to divest its shares in the company due to national security concerns.

Rain NeuroMorphics claims its NPUs will offer a substantial increase in computing power and energy efficiency compared to traditional GPUs, potentially revolutionizing the AI chip market. While Altman's investment may raise questions, the promise of NPUs is significant for the AI hardware industry.

Grok's introduction to X Premium+ subscribers.

Image Source: xAI

Elon Musk has launched Grok, xAI's alternative to ChatGPT, for X Premium+ subscribers, making it publicly available.

Initially, Grok is for Premium+ users in the US. Grok uses real-time data from Twitter and X to generate responses, even mining AI news posts.

It positions itself as an uncensored, 'anti-woke' alternative, answering questions other AI chatbots might avoid.

This comes amid reports that xAI is looking to raise up to $1 billion in investment. Access to real-time Twitter/X data sets Grok apart, but questions about filtering disinformation and noise remain.

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儭 New AI Tools

Rizzpad - The inaugural built-in AI toolkit for enhancing your flirting game on any dating app.

iMean Shopping - Your AI shopping companion for discovering top deals and prices.

Plus AI Google Analytics Reports - AI-driven presentations using your Google Analytics data.

FastCut - Generate captivating captions for your short-form videos using AI.

Dubbing AI - Transform your voice instantly using AI in real-time

Gemini - Google's response to GPT-4.

GPT Wrapped - ChatGPT's year in review, summarizing your 2023 usage.

Payback - An expense tracker powered by GPT-4 Vision.

AI Applicant Sorting - A chat-powered assistant to accelerate resume reviews by 10x.

Strut AI - An all-in-one AI workspace tailored for writers.

Quick Bites

Researchers create hybrid rescue insects

Researchers are developing bio-hybrid robot cockroaches by combining living tissues with android bodies. These cyborg cockroaches equipped with sensors could revolutionize earthquake search and rescue.

AI images on UberEats gain attention

UberEats is using AI-generated photos on its platform, leading to amusing mistakes like mistaking a 'pizza pie' for a dessert pie. Many restaurants seem unaware of this situation.

OpenAI delays the launch of its GPT store until 2024

OpenAI is postponing the launch of its GPT Store until early next year. This delay follows a period of unexpected developments at the company, including an executive shakeup.

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