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Major AI News this Week

AI Pin Revolutionizes Use of Smartphones

Image source: Humane

Humane has revealed more details about its highly anticipated $699 AI Pin, a wearable device designed for hands-free access to AI through voice, gestures, and a built-in projector.

The lightweight gadget, which magnetically attaches to clothing and lacks a screen, is controlled via a touchpad, camera, laser, and built-in speakers.

It features AI mic software for accessing large language models like ChatGPT and Microsoft models, aiming to simplify AI use without requiring app downloads or constant listening.

The device supports various functions, including messaging, summaries, music, visual Q&A, photos, real-time translation, and nutrition analysis through food images.

Humane positions the device as a hands-free alternative to phones, and the subscription includes its own number and service via T-Mobile. Preorders are set to begin on Nov. 16.

Watch demo here

YouTube explores AI integrations

Image source: Google

YouTube is testing two AI tools: a chatbot designed to summarize videos, answer questions, and recommend related content, particularly for educational videos, and an AI feature to categorize video comments by topic.

The comment summarization tool, limited to English, Android, US users, and Premium subscribers, groups comments using AI, aiding creators in understanding discussions.

These additions align with Google's broader effort to integrate AI across its products, showcasing its commitment to enhancing user and creator experiences on YouTube.

One of the Biggest OpenAI Announcements Yet

Image Source: OpenAI

OpenAI's DevDay event unveiled groundbreaking announcements, introducing the GPT Builder that empowers users to customize and share their own AI assistants.

GPT Builder, now available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, features advanced customization options, including files, descriptions, actions, and DALL-E 3 profiles. The simultaneous launch of the GPT Store enables users to monetize their custom-built GPTs.

GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI's latest model, boasts an upgraded 128K context window, improved performance, and a knowledge window extended to April 2023, all at a 3x reduced cost for developers.

Other updates include new APIs for Vision, text-to-speech, and DALL-E 3, an Assistants API for goal-driven AI apps, and the 'Copyright Shield' to cover legal claims related to copyright infringement.

These developments mark a significant leap in AI capabilities, reinforcing OpenAI's leadership in the field.

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儭 New AI Tools

Synthesia - Craft professional videos effortlessly with AI-generated characters.

Giskard - Open-source toolkit for rigorous testing of Language Models and ML.

Copy AI - Overcome writer's blockgenerate engaging content from blogs to social posts with AI.

Mixo - Launch your startup in seconds with powerful AI.

Content Suite by Senuto - Drive web traffic with ease using Senuto's Content Suite.

BestGPTs - Discover the finest OpenAI GPTs, meticulously ranked and organized by AgentOps.

Zintlr - Elevate your B2B prospecting game with the ultimate tool for seamless operations.

Vidiofy - Swiftly transform articles into engaging reels with the power of Vidiofy. - Unleash the potential of generative AI to craft impactful SEO content with

RivalFlow AI - Enhance your content using state-of-the-art AI technology, brought to you by RivalFlow.

Quick Bites

Snapchat lenses receive a ChatGPT enhancement

Snapchat announced a collaboration with ChatGPT to power new AR lenses. These lenses can now respond to questions, create filters, and generate 3D masks, marking a significant enhancement in user interactivity.

Xbox incorporates AI in game creation

Microsoft's Xbox is incorporating AI into game development, enabling developers to utilize it for story and character design. The partnership with Inworld AI aims to create a copilot translating prompts into detailed game scripts, despite prevailing AI skepticism in the gaming world.

Kai-Fu Lee unveils an open-source alternative to ChatGPT

AI expert Kai-Fu Lee's venture, 01.AI, unveiled its inaugural open-source model, Yi-34B, positioning itself as China's counterpart to ChatGPT. Valued at $1 billion, 01.AI has swiftly gathered talent and GPUs, navigating U.S. chip sanctions, with the ambition to establish a flourishing ecosystem in Chinese AI.

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