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  • 🤖 Poe introduces AI chatbot creator monetization

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  • 🔥 Boston Dynamics equips robot dog with conversational skills

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Major AI News this Week

🤖 Poe introduces AI chatbot creator monetization

Image source: Poe

Quora's AI chatbot platform, Poe, is introducing a revenue-sharing program to reward bot creators when their bots lead to app subscriptions.

In this program, bot creators can earn up to $20 per monthly subscription or $10 per annual subscription resulting from user engagement with their bot.

Additionally, creators will soon be able to set per-message fees, allowing for recurring revenue based on user interactions. This initiative aims to motivate developers and researchers to build unique bots that attract new users to Poe.

This move aligns with the trend of rewarding creators on social platforms and could potentially expand to other AI assistant apps.

It's a clever strategy to encourage innovation in the chatbot space and may contribute to the broader adoption of equitable revenue-sharing models among AI creators.

👀 Apple advances AI for health monitoring

Image source: Bloomberg / 731

Apple is gearing up to introduce enhanced health monitoring powered by AI for its Apple Watch and AirPods, alongside paid health coaching services in 2024.

The Apple Watch will gain additional sensors and algorithms for detecting conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea.

AI-driven speech analysis and audio tuning in the AirPods will serve as hearing aids and offer hearing tests.

A subscription service will provide personalized workout and nutrition recommendations using health data and AI models.

This signifies rapid advancements in AI healthcare technology, making smart devices like the Apple Watch a critical part of health management.

🔥 Boston Dynamics equips robot dog with conversational skills

Image Source: Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has equipped its four-legged robot 'Spot' with a voice powered by ChatGPT, allowing the robot to provide talking tours of its facility to showcase its conversational abilities.

Spot responds to questions, narrates tours, and exhibits various personalities and accents using prompts, predetermined scripts, and visual captioning.

It utilizes a gripper that moves to mimic speech and features a whimsical touch with googly eyes and a mustache accessory.

This demonstration highlights the potential of conversational commands and aims to make robots like Spot more approachable and engaging.

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⚒️ New AI Tools

HelpBar AI - Uncover in-app universal search, navigation, and AI-driven responses for SaaS

Resolve AI - Instantly address 50% of your support inquiries

Sheet AI - Infuse AI capabilities into your spreadsheets

True AI - Transform every website into a more potent online resource

Magic Studio - Craft stunning product photos in just minutes

Empty AI - Streamline team communication and conflict resolution on Slack

Free Keyword Generator - Harness the power of AI to generate keywords in mere seconds

Onepane - Gain cloud visibility for cross-functional teams

Docus AI - Quickly diagnose with AI and confirm with leading human doctors

Super - Build a website from your Notion database within minutes with Super

Dante - Tailored GPT chatbots trained using your data

⚡ Quick Bites

📷 D-ID brings AI video to mobile

D-ID has launched a mobile app that lets users create digital avatars from their photos, even while on the move. This app allows for quick integration of avatars, generating voiceovers, and adding scripts to enhance content production, all using AI technology.

☁️ Google enhances weather forecasts with MetNet-3 AI

Google has introduced MetNet-3, an advanced AI model designed to provide remarkably precise 24-hour weather forecasts. According to Google, this model surpasses the accuracy of traditional physics-based forecasting models and is already in use across Google's weather-related services.

🗨️ Hints of GPT-V API access in the near future

OpenAI's Head of Dev Relations, Logan Kilpatrick, hinted at the imminent availability of ChatGPT's voice and image capabilities via an API, possibly with an announcement at the upcoming Dev Day on November 6.

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