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AI Tool of the Week

Humata AI - AI File Management

Humata is an innovative AI-driven chatbot designed to revolutionize the way users manage and comprehend their files.

Key features include:

  • Instant knowledge retrieval

  • Accelerated research capabilities

  • Expert data extraction

  • Adept Q&A handling

  • Automatic content generation.

Ideal for researchers, students, and business professionals, Humata offers a seamless, efficient solution for file management and knowledge extraction, significantly enhancing productivity and understanding.

儭 Major AI News this Week

Samsung Shows New AI Mobile

Image Source: Samsung

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship Galaxy S24 smartphone lineup at the Unpacked conference, featuring extensive AI capabilities powered by Google's Gemini AI model.

Key features include real-time voice/text translation during calls, AI-powered camera enhancements for editing and low-light photography, and a Circle to Search feature for object recognition in images and videos.

On-device AI ensures faster responses. The S24 lineup includes the S24 Ultra starting at $1,299.99, the S24+ at $999, and the S24 at $799.

This move highlights the competition in integrating AI into smartphones and aims to expose mainstream users to AI's potential in mobile devices.

Microsoft Introduces Copilot Pro

Image Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled Copilot Pro, a premium subscription of its Copilot chatbot that enhances AI capabilities across Microsoft 365 apps.

Priced at $20/month, Copilot Pro offers advanced features, including AI integration with Office apps and priority access to the latest OpenAI models.

This subscription is available for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers and includes a new Copilot GPT Builder.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is generally available for small businesses with subscriptions starting at $30 per user/month. The free version of Copilot will now limit free GPT-4 access to "non-peak times."

Additionally, Microsoft has officially released the Copilot app on iOS and Android.

Trending AI Tools

Excel Formula Bot - Productivity

ExcelFormulabot transforms text instructions into Excel and Google Sheets formulas effortlessly. Featuring universal compatibility, a user-friendly interface, and a handy cost calculator.

Ideal for data analysts, business professionals, and students, this AI-powered tool makes formula creation fast and simple.

Compose - Writing

Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that revolutionizes writing with AI-driven features like autocompletion, text generation, and sentence rephrasing.

Tailored to your style and seamless in integration, it saves time and boosts writing quality, perfect for creators, professionals, and students.

Image Creator by Microsoft Bing is a free AI tool that turns text into images instantly.

Ideal for content creators, designers, and social media enthusiasts, it offers AI-generated visuals, easy access through Bing, and rewards for quicker image creation.

儭 New AI Tools

Humanlinker - AI-Powered Sales Assistant for Revenue Growth

Quizgecko - The Ultimate Quiz Generation Tool for Educators and Content

IdeasAI - Source of Innovative Startup Ideas, Powered by GPT-3 from Op

Upword - Elevate Your Research Workflow with Upword

Autodraw - Unleash Your Inner Artist with Machine Learning Precision

Durable - Ultimate AI-Powered Website Builder for Entrepreneurs

ThumbnailAi - Elevate Your YouTube Thumbnails with AI Ratings

Where To - Discover Exciting Destinations with Our Interactive Website

Glasp - Unleash the Power of Web Insights

Validator AI - Refining Your Startup Idea for Success with AI Insights

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